Trail Work at Moore Creek Park


Six crew members, along with three adults, woke at the crack of dawn to travel to Moore Creek Park, in Napa County, to contribute to the park’s grand opening happening the next day. With dozens of other volunteers, led by the event host Volunteers for Outdoor California (V-O-Cal), we cut through the eroding hillside to widen and maintain trails. Using a combination rake and hoe tool called a McLeod, we helped to improve miles of public trails. With 100 degree weather and little shade, we were motivated to finish quickly.

After we completed our assigned section, we returned to the head of the trail, where an original ranch house waited for us with drinks and showers to cool down and re-energize from the day’s hard work. While we lounged by the pool eating watermelon, chips and homemade salsa, we listened to a local band play. Event leader Brendan Gerrity handily won the friendly card games between crew members.

The hosts fed us a delicious dinner of stir-fried chicken and strawberry shortcake for desert.
Though we didn’t camp overnight as originally planned (because it was so hot) everyone left tired, happy, and a bit dusty.

About the author: Ken Li

I founded the Piedmont Community Service Crew in 2004 as a way to merge the best parts of Piedmont Council BSA's 100+ year legacy of Scouting for our boys with the lesser-known BSA Venturing program and thus better serve the girls in our community.

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