Crew Retreat 2016

13320618_10154378140767176_3327593779787615847_oThis past Memorial Day, 16 members of PCSC attended the annual crew retreat. Every year, attendees of the retreat participate in a leadership training course and vote for the officers for the upcoming crew year as they stay in a cozy cabin by Yosemite for two nights. When not engaged by the leadership courses taught by the youth crew officers, members on the retreat bonded through a trip to the local lake, talent shows that were for odd talents only (like making dolphin noises or forming their lips into a square) and meals cooked and eaten together. Rising sophomore Jane Simonetti attended the retreat for her first time and, recalling her experiences, exclaimed “I learned so many new leadership things and I learned more about my crewmates. I loved every minute of it and can’t wait to go again next year.” After the retreat, Jane took on a leadership role in the crew and is now part of both the VP Accounting and VP Communications teams. Another first year crew member, Nicole Ward, also attended the retreat and thought it was “a great way to bond with peers while learning important life lessons.” The retreat seamlessly blends together leadership training with bonding and fun, creating a memorable experience for all who attend.

Another major part of the retreat is the crew elections that take place Saturday night. After speeches from all of the candidates, votes from the attendees are counted and combined with the votes sent in earlier by members that can not attend and the winners are announced. Below are the results and this year’s PCSC officers:

Crew President – Nina Adarkar
VP Administration – Maya Guzdar
VP Program – Lauren Young
VP Accounting – Tiffany Foo
VP Fundraising – Josh Rogers
VP Communications – Ellie Coleman
VP Organizational Structure – Rose Eisenbach
Webmaster – Skyler Liu

-Ellie Coleman

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