Reasons to join PCSC

Why your child should join PCSC:

1) Wide spectrum of events: from cooking meals for the homeless to renovating a house with Rebuilding Oakland Together to tutoring kids in Oakland – we’ve got a wide variety to fit your busy schedule.

2) PCSC keeps track of all your student’s hours and helps them to meet the honors society and community service award requirements.

3) Venturing Awards: Through PCSC, your child will have the ability to achieve venturing awards- equivalent to the Eagle Scout award for Boy Scouts.

4) Leadership Roles: PCSC not only provides service- it offers leadership opportunities for youth and has provided me with invaluable skills and confidence.

5) PCSC has given me the chance to leave a lasting impact on my community. Through my service, I’ve gained priceless experiences, friendships, and skills. PCSC has changed my life.


About the author: Skyler Liu

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