Message from crew president Nina Adarkar

Crew Mission:
We empower youth to lead while providing the means and motivation to serve the community in an engaging and inspiring way

Crew President vision (Nina Adarkar):
My personal vision for Piedmont Community Service Crew is to increase the number of active members. We won’t stop encouragement after members attend one event, because we want them to experience all of the benefits of PCSC. In addition, I’d like to increase PCSC’s presence at the Piedmont BSA Council level by emphasizing the venturing awards, which peak in the Summit Award, equivalent to the Eagle Scout award. With all the community service hours served through PCSC’s multiple events per week, in addition to the extra for the Summit Award, community awareness of the crew will be heightened. Hopefully, this will lead to more teen and adult members to better the community and carry on the legacy of a passion for service.

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