All families are asked to support the Crew through an annual tax-deductible donation to each of the two organizations described below.  We seek 100% participation in both of these philanthropic causes that directly benefit our Crew.  Please donate in any amount that you are comfortable with, but the suggested amount is $100 donation for each cause.  When you make the donations, please make sure to add a notation that this is on behalf of “PCSC”.

1) Piedmont Council, BSA is our parent organization:   Support Piedmont Council, BSA through the annual “Friends of Scouting” (FOS) fundraising drive through a financial donation.  Annual participation in the FOS campaign by all members sends an important message to our community that our Crew respects the value that Piedmont BSA brings to the local youth.  The council staff and local office ensures high standards of program delivery and supports the growth through the formation of new crews.

2) For nearly a decade, PCSC’s collaboration with Rebuilding Together Oakland (RTO,, with whom we work every October and April, has been the source of the crew’s proudest annual activity.  In April, we typically renovate the dilapidated home of a low income elderly Oakland resident, engaging close to 100 volunteers over two full workdays.  Crew leaders (youth!) plan for months to define the project scope, recruit consultants, and plan the detailed task plan, then lead the crew members to complete the tasks.  The Crew is a sponsor of RTO which teaches our members the importance of financial support for philanthropy.  For 2016/17, our goal is to sponsor at the $12,000 level.  We spend all year reaching this goal through fundraising from the efforts of our members (car washes, food sales, etc.), but a critical source of funding is from the generosity of our community businesses and fans of what the crew does.

The annual membership dues are kept modestly low so that PCSC families can support these organizations via tax deductible donations.  A portion of the membership dues supports the cost of some of the meals that the crew plans and serves to the homeless in our area.